Târgovişte (România)

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Târgovişte (old spelling: Tîrgovişte) is a city in the Dâmboviţa county of Romania. It is situated on the right bank of the Ialomiţa River[update]. As of 2003, it had an estimated population of 89,000. One village, Priseaca, is administered by the city.

Târgovişte is a name derived from Slavic, its original meaning being of marketplace, cf. Serbian Трговиште and Bulgarian Търговище, being derived from the slavic word trъgъ, which means market.

First attested in 1396, in the Travel Accounts of Johannes Schiltberger, it became the capital of the Wallachian voivodship, probably during the reign of Mircea cel Bătrân, when the Royal Court („Curtea Domnească”) was built. Vlad III Dracula later added the Chindia Tower, now a symbol of the city.

In 1597 the Hajduks of Mihai Viteazul and Starina Novak fought and won a decisive battle against the Ottoman Empire in Târgovişte.

After Constantin Brâncoveanu moved the capital to Bucharest, Târgovişte lost its importance, decaying economically as its population decreased.

Târgovişte was the site of the trial and execution of Nicolae Ceauşescu and his wife Elena in December 1989. Interestingly, there are towns with the same name (albeit with different spellings as they are written in our days in the Cyrillic alphabet) in both Bulgaria and Serbia.

The Romanian and Bulgarian towns are twinned. The name is of Slavic origin, from the root -trg- or -tǎrg- („trade”) and the placename suffix -ište, and means „marketplace”.

Source: Wikipedia

A short history of Chindia Tower

A short history of the Chindia Tower

Vlad III the Impaler (Vlad Ţepeş)

Vlad III the Impaler (Vlad Ţepeş)

The coil-staircase inside of the Chindia Tower

The coil-staircase inside of the Chindia Tower

Woodblock print of Vlad the Impaler dining in the presence of numerous impaled corpses

Woodblock print of Vlad the Impaler dining in the presence of numerous impaled corpses

Picture 021

A view from the up (down are the ruins of Royal Court)

Picture 022

Royal Court ("Curtea Domnească") was built in the time of Mircea the Elder (cel Bătrân; 1355 – 1418)

Picture 023

The church inside of Royal Court

Picture 024

Other view from up

Picture 029

The base of Chindia Tower

Picture 031

Walls in the Royal Court

Picture 033

Footbridge for tourists

Picture 034

The Chindia Tower was built by Vlad III Dracula, in 15th century

Picture 035

The main corridor inside of Royal Court

Picture 039

Other corridor

Picture 046

Other chamber

Picture 049

Other photo with the church inside of Royal Court, which is in reconstruction, together with Royal Court

Picture 054

The Stelea Church-Targoviste, it was built in 1645 by the Moldavian ruler, Vasile Lupu, on the place of an old monastery belonging to Stelea Spataru. It was erected as a sign of friendship to Matei Basarab that's why it was named the Church of Reconciliation

Consiliul Judeţean Dâmboviţa (Dambovita County Council)

Consiliul Judeţean Dâmboviţa (Dâmboviţa County Council)

Picture 064

The center of the city

Picture 070

Hotel Valahia

Picture 073

Muntenia Shopping Center

Picture 076

Other photo from the center (it was a raining day :()

Picture 078

Kaufland supermarket in Târgovişte

Picture 081

The Metropolitan Church-Targoviste, it was built in the 19th century on the place of an old church belonging to Neagoe Basarab, ruler who moved here the Metropolitan Seat from Curtea de Arges

Picture 084

Statue of Michael the Brave "Mihai Viteazul" (Reign: 11 October 1593 – 9 August 1601)

Picture 086

The Dealu Monastery-it was built by Radu the Great between 1495-1508, the monastery represents one of the most valuable monuments of Medieval architecture in Wallachia. In the monastery is the head of Michael the Brave

Picture 089

Near to Stelea monastery are houses for nuns

Picture 090

Here is buried the head of Michael the Brave, which was taken by Radu Buzescu and put here

Picture 096

The church of the monastery is dedicated to Saint Nicholas

Picture 097

The belfry from Stelea

Picture 112

Old center of Târgovişte

Picture 114

Biserica Târgului "Fair church" (1653)

Picture 123

Town Hall of Târgovişte

Picture 127

Tony Bulandra theatre

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