Sfântu Gheorghe (România)



Sfântu Gheorghe (Hungarian Sepsiszentgyörgy orSzentgyörgy, Yiddish: סנט דשזארדזש ) is a municipality and capital city of Covasna Countywhich also administers the villages of Chilieni (Kilyén) and Coşeni (Szotyor). Located in the central part of Romania and the historical region of Transylvania, it lies on the Olt River in a valley between the Baraolt and Bodoc Mountains.


  • Fortified Church (Romanian: Biserică Fortificată; Hungarian: Vártemplom) – constructed in the 14th century in the Gothic style
  • State Archive, the former headquarters of the Hussar battalions
  • County library constructed in 1832 as the seat of the county council
  • Theater used from 1854–1866 as the city hall
  • The market bazaar built in 1868, with a clock tower built in 1893
Population (2002)
– Total 61,543

Source: Wikipedia